Cupping Therapy

CUPPING THERAPY is a process of applying glass or plastic suction cups to move stagnation by loosening tight musculature, softening fascia, and promoting circulation of blood and fluids.

When the natural flow of these substances is disrupted due to traumatic injury, muscle tension, or disease conditions, toxic substances which the body should filter can build up in the tissue.  With chronic patterns consisting of long term accumulation, it can be difficult for the body to expel these toxins on their own so cupping therapy can assist in the process.

By creating a partial vacuum within the cups, skin, layers of connective tissue, and muscle are pulled in, thereby stimulating the blood vessels, softening tissue and the ground substance within the underlying fascia.

Cupping has been performed through the ages by many different cultures.  There have been several means by which the vacuum is created, most notably with the addition of heat, called Fire Cupping.  Modern applications usually employ pneumatic cups equipped with suction pumps which are safer and more convenient.

Some conditions which cupping has been beneficial in relieving are muscular pain and discomfort, arthritis, abdominal pain, low back pain, indigestion, headaches, hypertension, acute or chronic cough, lung congestion, menstrual irregularities, boils, carbuncles, and other examples of skin inflammation. 

Cupping can result in temporary circular marks that resemble bruises in the areas of application.  They typically last a few minutes to a few days or up to a week, depending on how much stagnation there was the the area.  This is a completely normal reaction and should be expected during a treatment and no cause for alarm.