You are what you eat.  The first course of action in recovery from any illness or imbalance should be the easiest.  We all need food to survive; we are going to eat, so making small modifications in our diet can have giant results. 

Eastern Nutrition applies the Asian philosophies of Yin and Yang to food for the prevention and healing of disease.  It differs from Western Nutrition since we don’t talk about the biochemical nature of foods.  Eastern Nutrition is about the energetics of different edible substances; for instance, some foods are warming while others are cooling;  some move, drain, or astringe and others can dry or moisten.  This effect of the foods themselves can be improved on by taking into consideration the season, cooking methods employed,  food combinations within meals, and a variety of other criteria. 

In a nutshell, it’s less about telling you what you can’t eat and more about suggesting what you can to achieve balance based on your specific diagnosis.